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CLONE - A teacher can protect / unprotect recordings accessed from a BBB Room with Recordings instance


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      This test requires a BBB room with at least one recording.

      1. Log in as a teacher and go to the BBB room.
      2. In the recording list, click the open lock icon under the "Toolbar" column.
      3. Click Accept to the confirmation message displayed.
      4. Confirm that the icon indicating the protected/unprotected state of the recording changes to a closed lock.
      5. Click the “Presentation” link in the "Playback" column.
      6. Confirm that a new tab with the recording is opened.
      7. Copy the URL from the current browser and paste it into a different browser (it needs to be a different browser or an incognito window where there is no Moodle session open, as this feature is based on cookies).
      8. Confirm that the recording URL used on a different browser fails.

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