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CLONE - An admin can create a custom report of the site users


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    • Moodle 4.2
    • Moodle 4.2
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      This is an exploratory test of a new feature or improvement, so please feel free to try anything you like and not just the test steps!

      This test requires admin access. If you would like to use the QA testing site for running it, please see the QA testing guide for details of how to request admin access. Begin just after the hourly reset to give yourself plenty of time to complete the test!

      1. Log in as admin
      2. Navigate to Reports > Report builder > Custom reports in site administration
      3. Press New report
        • Choose a name for your report
        • Select the Users report source
        • Tick Include default setup
      4. Press Save
      5. Verify that you are now viewing the report editor
      6. Search for "Country", add it to your report and verify that a column with heading Country is added
      7. Delete the existing "Full name" column and verify that the column is removed
      8. Add "Full name with picture and link" to the report
      9. Drag the "Full name with picture and link" column in the report to be positioned first
      10. Rename the "Full name with picture and link" column to "The User"
      11. Open the "Conditions" settings and change the condition "User > Username" to "Is not equal to: admin"
      12. Press "Apply" to set the conditions and verify that the admin no longer appears in the report
      13. Open the "Filters" settings
      14. Delete the "User > Username" filter
      15. Press Preview to view your report and verify that it is displayed as designed
      16. Press Filters
      17. Set the Full name filter to match some users, press "Apply" and verify that users are shown as expected
      18. Press "Edit" to return to the report editor
      19. Press "Close" to close the editor and verify that the report you created is listed as a custom report.

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