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CLONE - Users can connect to another Moodle site using MNet


      The goal of this test is to ensure that it is possible for Moodle users to connect with another Moodle site using MNet.


      • This test needs to be executed on the maximum PHP supported versions for the master branch (for example, for Moodle 4.2dev, PHP 8.1).


      Please note: it's possible that you see some notices during the setup part depending of the debugging levels in your site. You can ignore them as far as the configuration works as expected.

      1. Setup a couple of Moodle sites:
        • site1 running older version, for example: Moodle 4.0.x (MOODLE_400_STABLE).
        • site2 running the version to be released (master).
      2. Ensure that they have different $CFG->sessioncookiepath setting either on config.php or in Administration > Server > Session handling
      3. In both sites, enable and configure MNet as explained in the doc page.
      4. - Please note: You don't need to configure the "remote enrolments" steps, only the "get users roaming" ones.
      5. Create user1 in site1 and user2 in site2.


      1. Log in as user1 in site1 and go to "Site home".
      2. In the "Network servers" block (that has been added as per the configuration instructions, click on site2.
      3. Verify that now you are welcome to site2 as user1.
      4. Log in as user2 in site2 and go to "Site home".
      5. In the "Network servers" block (that has been added as per the configuration instructions, click on site1.
      6. Verify that now you are welcome to site1 as user2.
      7. Verify that now user1 and user2 do exist in both sites and SSO/roaming between them works as expected.

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