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CLONE - Bulk course activity editing feature exploratory test


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      This is an exploratory test of a new feature or improvement, so please feel free to try anything you like and not just the test steps!

      Please try different browsers, screen resolutions and languages (RTL and LTR)

      Run the test with the browser developer console open and look for any errors.


      • A course with a teacher enrolled and few activities and sections.
      • Go to "site administration -> General -> Advanced features" and enable "Allow stealth activities"


      • As teacher go to the course and turn editing mode on.
      • Click on the "Bulk edit" option.
      • Select one or more activities by clicking on the checkbox or directly into the activity name.
      • Click "Duplicate"
      • Ensure the selected activity has been duplicated
      • Select another activity and click "Availability"
      • Click "Hide on course page"
      • Ensure the activity has a "Hidden from students" label
      • Select the same activity, but now choose "Show on course page" option.
      • Ensure the "Hidden from students" label has been removed from the activity.
      • Select an activity and click "Select all" checkbox on the sticky footer (bottom left of screen)
      • Ensure all activities are selected.
      • Perform any of the bulk actions above and ensure it works as intended.
      • Click "Bulk edit" again.
      • Select a few activities and ensure the number of activities selected is displayed on the sticky footer.
      • Click the X icon and ensure all activities are not selected any more.
      • Ensure the bulk edit sticky footer is hidden.
      • Click on the "Bulk edit" option.
      • Select one or more sections by clicking the checkbox next to the section title.
      • Ensure the selections count in the sticky footer displays the correct number.
      • Click on "Availability" and double-click on "Hide on course page"
      • Ensure the "Hidden from students" appears in the section
      • Select some sections, click "Delete", and confirm the deletion.
      • Ensure the selected sections are deleted.
      • Select a section and click the "Select all" checkbox on the sticky footer.
      • Ensure all sections are selected
      • Perform any of the bulk actions above and ensure it works as intended.

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