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CLONE - Gradebook user experience improvements exploratory test



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      This is an exploratory test of a new feature or improvement, so please feel free to try anything you like and not just the test steps!

      Please try different browsers, screen resolutions and languages (RTL and LTR)

      Run the test with the browser developer console open and look for any errors.


      • A course with groups enabled (set to Separate groups or Visible groups), with multiple groups, and multiple participants enrolled per group.
      • 30+ students enrolled in the course
      • A teacher must also be enrolled in the course.
      • Few items to be graded (assignments, quizzes for example) and few manual grading items.
      • Javascript caching enabled (cachejs) (Site administration > Appearance > AJAX and Javascript)

      Grader report smoke test

      1. As a teacher, go to the course and select Grades from the secondary navigation.
      2. Select Grader Report from the tertiary navigation dropdown.
      3. Click on the new "Filter by name"
      4. Choose a "First name" letter.
      5. Verify the grade report filtered the items by first name based on the letter you choose
      6. Repeat with "Last name"
      7. The filtering should work as intended
      8. Verify the new gradebook navigation dropdown menu in the tertiary navigation area.
      9. Try changing to different pages in the gradebook.
      10. It should work as intended, taking you to the correct gradebook page.
      11. Note the new group selector in the tertiary navigation.
      12. Select a group from the group selector.
        • Confirm that the report only shows the selected group.
      13. Start typing a group name in the group selector text box.
        • Confirm that the group list updates to match the search term.
      14. Try searching for a user using the new search bar in the grader report. Search by first/last name or any other available user identity fields (e.g. email)
      15. Verify that the search dropdown menu shows up to 5 users that match the search criteria and there is an option to view all results.
      16. Choose a user or view all results (or just press Enter).
        • Confirm that the grader report filtered the items based on the option you have chosen in the search dropdown menu.
      17. Try collapsing some of the grade item and user identity columns (except course or category aggregations) using the new 'Collapse' option from the respective actions dropdown menu.
        1. Confirm that the column is collapsed and you can no longer see the related information for the item.
        2. Confirm that there is a '+' option to expand the column.
        3. Confirm that there is an indicator showing the number of collapsed columns in the tertiary navigation area.
        4. Confirm that there is a dropdown menu that shows all collapsed items in the tertiary navigation area with an option to search and expand multiple columns.
      18. Try expanding a single column using the + option and also multiple columns at once using the dropdown menu of collapsed items.
        1. Confirm that the columns are properly expanded.
      19. Reload the page and verify that the columns which were collapsed previously are still shown as collapsed.
      20. Turn editing on.
      21. Verify that each grade category, grade item, grade or user identity field has an actions menu dropdown which contains all available actions for that item.
      22. Try hiding and locking a grade category, grade item or a grade
        • Confirm that there is an indicator (icon) bellow suggesting that the item is hidden/locked.
      23. Try overriding and excluding a grade
        • Confirm that there is an indicator (icon) bellow suggesting that the grade is overridden or excluded.
      24. Try sorting by grade item and user identity fields (e.g first/last name, email) using the Ascending/Descending options in the actions dropdown menu
        • Confirm the data in the grader report is properly sorted.
      25. Verify that you have an option in the actions menu for a quiz grade to navigate to the grade analysis page.
      26. Add some feedback on one of the grades.
      27. Verify that there is in indicator (icon) in the grader report suggesting that the grade has feedback.
      28. Verify that you can view the grade feedback (in a modal) using the available option in the grade's actions menu.
      29. Verify that you can set the number of displayed records in the grader report using the new selector in the sticky footer area and properly navigate through each page using the pagination bar.

      Gradebook setup smoke test

      1. As admin, visit the Gradebook setup in the course (Grades > Gradebook setup)
      2. Create few grade categories (some of them nested)
      3. Add some grade items into the grade categories
      4. Verify that categories are expanded by default
      5. Verify that you can collapse grade categories.
      6. Reload the page or navigate away and come back to the Gradebook setup page
        • Confirm that the previously collapsed grade categories are still collapsed.
      7. Verify that each grade item/category has meatball menu that contains all available actions for that item.
      8. Verify that there is a Status column in the Gradebook setup table that by default only shows pill indicating the aggregation type (e.g. 'Natural') for grade categories
      9. Hide and lock few grade items.
        • Confirm that you can see an indicator (icon) suggesting that the grade item is hidden or locked in the Status column.{}
      10. Modify some category settings - aggregation, exclude empty grades. etc.
        • Confirm that the category item has a pill with corresponding text in the Status column{}

      User report improvements

      1. As a teacher in the gradebook, select "User report" in the menu.
      2. Verify the new "Select a user" search element.
      3. Verify that the "Search users" text box is focused
      4. Verify that you can move between options using the up and down arrow keys
      5. Verify that the focus stays on the search box when you move up/down through the options
      6. Press Tab
      7. Verify that "All users" is focused
      8. Verify that Pressing Tab key multiple times only switch the focus between the "Search users" and the "All users" elements

      Styling improvements

      1. As admin, visit the Gradebook setup in the course (Grades > Gradebook setup)
        1. Verify the new styling of the Gradebook setup table (background, borders, padding)
        2. Confirm that all the items are properly indented based on the hierarchy in the gradebook.
        3. Confirm that every grade item (including aggregations) have a label describing the type of the item (e.g. Assignment, Lesson, Manual item, Aggregation, etc.)
        4. Confirm that the Actions menus in the table are presented with a horizontal ellipsis icon
      2. Click on the 'move' icon on one of the items in the Gradebook setup table.
        1. Confirm that the styling (background, borders, padding) of the 'move' screen matches the one on the figma prototype
        2. Confirm that the available move areas are represented with a dashed line and are properly indented.
      3. Navigate to the Grader report in the course (Grades > Grader report)
      4. Make sure that you have several grade items of point and scale grade types.
      5. Turn editing mode on and override, hide and lock few grades (point and scale type grades)
      6. Verify the following:
        • user details and grade items are vertically aligned at the top
        • scale grades are left-aligned
        • numerical grades are right-aligned
        • state icons follow the alignment of their respective grade type
        • state icons don't break into multiple lines
        • there's a white background on every content row
        • state icons are displayed at the bottom of their table cells


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        5. Grader report smoke test_1.png
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          Grader report smoke test_2_1.png
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          Grader report smoke test_2_2.png
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          Grader report smoke test_3.png
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        16. Grader report smoke test_4_1.png
          Grader report smoke test_4_1.png
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        17. Grader report smoke test_4_2.png
          Grader report smoke test_4_2.png
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        18. Grader report smoke test_5.png
          Grader report smoke test_5.png
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        19. Grader report smoke test_6.png
          Grader report smoke test_6.png
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        20. Grader report smoke test_7.png
          Grader report smoke test_7.png
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        21. Grader report smoke test_8.png
          Grader report smoke test_8.png
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        22. Grader report smoke test_9.png
          Grader report smoke test_9.png
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        24. MDLQA-17926_URI_7.webm
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        26. MDLQA-17926_User report improvements_7.png
          MDLQA-17926_User report improvements_7.png
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        27. MDLQA-17926_User report improvements_8.png
          MDLQA-17926_User report improvements_8.png
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        28. MDLQA-17926-icons-fixed.png
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        29. Styling improvements_1.png
          Styling improvements_1.png
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        30. Styling improvements_2_1.png
          Styling improvements_2_1.png
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        31. Styling improvements_2_2.png
          Styling improvements_2_2.png
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        32. User report improvements_1.png
          User report improvements_1.png
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        33. User report improvements_2.png
          User report improvements_2.png
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        34. User report improvements_3.png
          User report improvements_3.png
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