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CLONE - A teacher can enable deferred or immediate feedback for a quiz




      This test requires a quiz containing several questions.

      1. Login as a teacher, edit the settings for the quiz, set how questions behave to 'Deferred feedback' and ensure all review options for immediately after the attempt are checked.
      2. Login as a student1 and attempt the quiz.
      3. Check that you only receive feedback (if set) and a grade after submitting the whole quiz.
      4. Login as the teacher again, edit the settings for the quiz, set how questions behave to 'Immediate feedback' and ensure that the review options whether correct, marks, specific and general feedback and right answer for during the attempt are checked.
      5. Login as a student2 and attempt the quiz.
      6. Check that you can submit question responses immediately during the quiz attempt and obtain feedback (if set) and grades.
      7. Check also that after submitting a response, you cannot then change it.


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