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CLONE - A teacher can import an IMS Common Cartridge package


      1. Log in as a teacher, go to a course then go to the Restore screen in the course administration.
      2. Import a sample IMS Common Cartridge package, such as the attached one (created from https://www.py4e.com/materials) or a study package from http://openlearn.open.ac.uk/ (Click one of the courses and above the comments, select the "Alternative formats" tab. IMS Common Cartridge should be available there). If you choose to download a package, consider it might fail if the version it's not supported (so check the attached file to discard real issues).
      3. Click the restore button, verify that the system informs the user that "The selected file is not a standard Moodle backup file. The restore process will try to convert the backup file into the standard format and then restore it.", then check that the IMS CC package is restored correctly.

        1. py4e_export.imscc
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          Simey Lameze
        2. step01.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        3. step02.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        4. step03a.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        5. step03b.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
        6. step03c.png
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        7. step03d.png
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          Adriano Ruseler
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        11. step04.png
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          Adriano Ruseler

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