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CLONE - A teacher can comment inline on an online text assignment




      1. Log in as administrator and access Site administration>Plugins>Activity modules>Assignment>Feedback plugins>Feedback comments and ensure that 'Comment inline by default' is enabled.
      2. Log in as a teacher in a course and create an assignment, verifying that Submission types has'online text' enabled and Feedback comments has 'Comment inline' set to 'Yes'.
      3. Log in as a student and navigate to the assignment. Click Add submission; type 'This is my class work' and save the changes.
      4. Log back in as the teacher; navigate to the assignment>View all submissions and click Grade to access the student's text.
      5. Verify that the student's text displays in the Feedback comments box.
      6. Verify that you are able to type "Too few words" next to the student's text.
      7. Verify that you are able to select and highlight the student's words in bold.
      8. Click 'Save changes'.
      9. Log back in as the student navigate to the assignment. Verify that in Feedback>Feedback comments you see your text from (3) in bold and the added teacher comment from (6).


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