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CLONE - A teacher can choose how a restricted activity is displayed.


      This test requires conditional access be enabled globally (via Advanced Features) and within a course via Course administration>Edit settings. It also requires a course with a teacher and test student enrolled.

      1. Log in as a teacher, log in to a course and create a Page resource.
      2. Expand the Activity completion section and set 'Show activity as complete when conditions are met' and criterion to be 'Require view'.
      3. Save the page.
      4. Create a forum.
      5. Expand the Restrict Access section and click 'Add restriction'.
      6. Click 'Activity completion' and choose the Page resource, leaving the restriction at 'must match' Save the forum.
      7. Log in as a test student and verify the forum is unavailable with a restriction message relating to the page.
      8. Log back in as a teacher and click to edit the forum.
      9. Click the 'eye' icon to hide the forum completely and save again.
      10. Log in as a test student and verify the forum is not visible at all.

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