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CLONE - A teacher can receive notification of an event they subscribed to



      • This test requires a site where notifications/emails are enabled. For this reason it is not possible to use the QA testing site.
      • You can use MailCatcher to verify you receive the event subscription email.
      • The test needs a course with a teacher and two students enrolled.


      The test site needs to have event monitoring enabled: Site administration > Reports > Event monitoring rules  and click Enable link.

      1. As a teacher go to the course.
      2. Add a new file resource, upload a file and name it 'Course contract'.
      3. Go to Course administration > Reports > Event monitoring rules
      4. Create a new rule setting the fields:
        • Rule name: Contract
        • Area to monitor: File
        • Event: Course module viewed
        • Enter any Description, Notification threshold in minutes and you can use the default Notification message template.
      5. Still as teacher, in the user menu select Preferences > Event monitoring and select the course you have created the rule.
      6. Subscribe to the rule you created, selecting 'Course contract' from the dropdown.
      7. Go back to your user preferences page and click Notification preferences and ensure Email is enabled for "Notifications of rule subscriptions" under Event monitor.

      Test teacher receives event monitoring email

      1. Log in as student1, go to the course and download the file resource.
      2. Run cron php admin/cli/cron.php in your terminal
      3. Verify that you receive an email to the teacher's email address:
        • The Event name as the email subject.
        • Notification message field content should be email body.

      Test teacher receives web notification and do not receive email

      1. Log in as a teacher and go your user preferences page and then go to Notification preferences.
      2. Disable email notifications and enable web notifications for "Notifications of rule subscriptions".
      3. Log in as student2 , go to the course and download the same file resource.
      4. Run cron again, same command as above.
      5. Verify you receive a notification in the notification popover (bell icon) in the navigation bar.
      6. Verify that you do not receive an email for that notification.

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