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CLONE - Grade to Pass can be defined from the activity set up screen.




      This test requires a course with an editing teacher and two students, A and B. Completion tracking must be enabled.

      1) As a teacher, turn on the editing and add a quiz.
      2) In the Grades section set the Grade to Pass to 5
      3) For Activity completion, set "Require passing grade".
      4) Click Save and display and then Edit quiz.
      5) Add three questions to the Quiz. Do not add an essay question.
      6) Now add an assignment.
      7) For Submission types, choose online text.
      8) In the Grades section set the Grade to Pass to 5
      9) As Student A, attempt the quiz and get one question right and two wrong.
      10) As Student A, submit the assignment, typing in a few letters.
      11) As Student B, attempt the quiz and get two questions right and one wrong.
      12) As Student B return to the course page, click on the completion menu and verify that both completion conditions are completed showing a green tick
      13) As Student B, submit the assignment, typing in a few letters.
      14) As the teacher, grade Student A's assignment with 3 and Student B's with 6.
      15) As the teacher click Course administration>Grades and verify Student A's quiz score 3.33 and assignment score 3 are shown in red with a red cross icon in front of it, and Student B's quiz score 6.67 and assignment score 6 are displayed in green with a green tick icon in front of it.
      16) As the teacher, navigate to Course administration>Reports>Activity completion and verify that Student B has completed the quiz, but Student A has not.


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