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CLONE - Check connection to SMTP mail works


      This test requires administrator access and access to an SMTP server supporting TLS, even if TLS is mis-configured i.e. not ready for production.

      1. Log in as an administrator
      2. Enable SMTP debugging
      3. Install https://moodle.org/plugins/local_mailtest
      4. Configure SMTP settings to use the SMTP server above w/o requiring TLS i.e. do not leave smtphosts empty and set smtpsecure to None
      5. Send a test email and look at the debug output. It should tell you about the TLS being available e.g.:

                                                 250-SIZE 52428800
                                                 250-AUTH PLAIN LOGIN
                                            -->  250-STARTTLS <--
                                                 250 HELP

        but you should not read about the client asking for TLS i.e. the debug output is missing:

        YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss    CLIENT -> SERVER: STARTTLS

            laurent.david@moodle.com Laurent David
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