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CLONE - A teacher can use assignment grading interface to annotate over students file submissions


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      This test requires:

      • The package unoconv installed in your system and pathtounoconv setting set pointing to its executable
      • A course with at least 2 students with an assignment with file upload submission type enabled on it
      1. Log in as a student and add a PDF file as submission.
      2. Log in as another student and add a .doc or .odt file as submission.
      3. Log in as an admin and run the scheduled task \assignfeedback_editpdf\task\convert_submissions.
      4. Log in as a teacher, go to the assignment and press "Grade" to view the grading UI at full screen.
      5. Verify that the student's PDF is displayed on the left side wrapped in the annotate PDF interface, and that you can add annotations and a grade.
      6. Type the name of the other student you previously logged in as in the top right "Change user" input box and select it.
      7. Verify that you are prompted to save your changes before switching user.
      8. Click "Save and continue".
      9. Verify that the other student's .doc or .odt is displayed converted to PDF on the left side, and that you can add annotations and a grade, and save changes.
      10. Go to the assignment grading summary page and press "View all assignments" button.
      11. Click the "View annotated PDF...." button you see in each of the students you graded to see the annotated PDF.
      12. Log in as both students and check that you can see the annotations.

      Repeat the test using a tablet size device and a mobile device.

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