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CLONE - A teacher can export forum posts


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      Test requirements:

      • A course with one teacher and several students
      • A forum activity with several discussions containing posts made by each of the students and at least one private reply made by the teacher, such as the Lounge forum on the QA testing site.

      Test steps:

      1. Log in as the teacher and go to the forum.
      2. In the actions menu, select Export.
      3. Export all users and all discussions in .csv format.
      4. Open the file and check that it contains the following headings: id, discussion, parent, userid, created, modified, mailed, subject, message, messageformat, messagetrust, attachment, totalscore, mailnow, deleted, privatereplyto, wordcoun, charcount.
      5. Check that the file contains all forum posts, including any private replies.
      6. Repeat steps 3 to 5, checking that all forum posts are correctly exported in all the other formats - Microsoft Excel, HTML table, Javascript Object Notation, OpenDocument and PDF.
      7. Check that all users enrolled in the course are listed in the Users setting, and any number of users may be selected.
      8. Check that all discussion subjects are listed in the Discussions setting, and any number of discussions may be selected.
      9. Try selecting different combinations of students, discussions and export formats and check that all exported forum posts are as expected.

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