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CLONE - Course content can be downloaded by students and teachers when the feature is enabled


      This test requires admin access. If you would like to use the QA testing site for running it, please see the QA testing guide for details of how to request admin access. Begin just after the hourly reset to give yourself plenty of time to complete the test!

      1. Log in as admin.
      2. Navigate to Site administration > Courses > Download course content.
      3. Set the following and then save changes:
        1. "Download course content feature available" to Yes (checked).
        2. "Maximum size per file" to 200 KB.
      4. On the same page, from the "Download course content feature available" description, click the "Course default settings" link.
      5. Set "Enable download course content" to Yes and press "Save changes".
      6. Log in as a teacher.
      7. Navigate to a course, turn editing on and add the following activities/resources (make sure to enter a description for each):
        Activity/Resource Details
        File Containing a file smaller than 200KB.
        Folder Containing one file smaller than 200KB and one file larger.
        Label Containing some text.
        Page In the page content, include some text and embed 2 images (one smaller than 200KB and one larger).
      8. Return to the course and in the actions menu (Boost) or course administration (Classic), select "Download course content".
      9. CONFIRM you see the "Download course content" modal popup, and that the text mentions "200KB".
      10. Press "Download" and CONFIRM it triggers the download of a zip file (if you are prompted, choose to save the file).
      11. Extract the zip file you just downloaded, then open the unzipped folder (and then the course folder), and open the index.html file in your web browser (this will be referred to as the index page).
      12. CONFIRM the headings at top of the index page match the site name and course name of the course you exported.
      13. CONFIRM the names and types of activities/resources shown on the index page match those in the Moodle course.
      14. Open each of the activities from the index page and CONFIRM the following:
        Activity/resource Content to confirm
        File Name and description match the original, the file is correct and clicking it shows it is part of the download (the URL starts with file://).
        Folder Name, description and files match the original, clicking the smaller image shows it is part of the download (file://), clicking the larger image shows it is loaded from the Moodle site (the URL will be from the actual Moodle site and not file://).
        Label Name and description match the original.
        Page Name, description and content match the original. Right clicking each image and choosing "view image" loads the smaller one from the download and the larger one from the Moodle site.
      15. Log in as a student and navigate to the same course.
      16. CONFIRM you see the "Download course content" button.
      17. Press the "Download course content" button.
      18. Repeat steps 9-14 above for the file downloaded as the student.

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