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CLONE - A teacher can publish/unpublish recordings for "BBB Room/Activity with Recording" activity.


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      This test requires you to be logged in as both a teacher and student. Assume that one browser is used for a teacher user and another browser or incognito window is used for a student user. The created activity must exist in a course and have student and teacher user enrolled.

      1. As teacher, check you are in the "Room/Activity with recordings" activity page. If it is not open:
        • Login as teacher
        • Go to course.
        • Go to the "Room/Activity with Recordings" activity page.
      2. In the recording list, click the open eye under "Toolbar".
      3. Click Accept to the confirmation message displayed.
      4. Confirm that the icon indicating the published/unpublished state of the recording changes to a closed eye icon.
      5. Confirm that the link to the recording normally shown on the "Playback" column disappears.
      6. Check that after refreshing the page, the status of the recording is the same.
      7. Repeat steps 2-3.
      8. Confirm that now the page shows the opposite results (open eye and visible link).
      9. Keep the recording hidden before going on.
      10. Go to the tab where student is logged and check you are in the "Room/Activity with recordings" activity page. If it is not open:
        • In another browser or an incognito window, log in as student.
        • Go to the same "Room/Activity with Recordings" activity page as in step .
      11. If the link to playback the recording is still present after being unpublished:
        • Confirm student gets a 404 error when clicking the link, as its content is not available.
      12. Check that after refreshing the page, the row containing the recording is not present.
      13. Repeat in the teacher tab steps 2-3 of the previous section to publish the recording as the teacher.
      14. In the student tab, refresh the page.
      15. Confirm that the recording is available again.

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