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CLONE - An administrator can add Clever SSO as an SSO provider




      This test requires admin access, ngrok and credentials to Clever SSO provider.


      1. A moodle site publicly available, you can use ngrok for that.
      2. Go to https://apps.clever.com/signup and create a developer account
      3. Click on Settings in the left-hand menu of the developer dashboard
        1. Copy/note the Client ID and Secret for configuring Clever in Moodle later
        2. Configure Instant Login settings:
          • Add Redirect URL under OAuth Settings: {Your Moodle baseurl}/admin/oauth2callback.php
          • Add Supported User Types under Additional Settings: Students, Teachers
      1. Click on Home in the left-hand menu of the developer dashboard
        1. Under Your Districts, click on your district (will be of the form "#DEMO {Application name} (Dev) Sandbox")
        2. Scroll down and find/copy the Portal URL under Clever SSO Info
      2. Download and extract the default sandbox user list from Clever.
        • We will use the information in students.csv and teachers.csv to log in later in the Portal URL.
          • For students, the username and password are both the "Student_number".
          • For teachers, the username and password are both the "Teacher_number".
      3. Configure the Clever OAuth2 provider in Moodle:
        1. Enable OAuth2 authentication plugin (Site administration > plugins > manage authentication)
        2. Create / configure Clever OAuth2 using client ID and secret (Site administration -> Server -> OAuth 2 services)
          1. Click on the Clever button
          2. Populate ID and secret values
          3. Untick "Require email verification"
          4. Tick "I understand that disabling email verification can be a security issue."
          5. Save changes

      Test case

      1. Open an incognito browser window
      2. Open the link to the Portal URL for your Clever dev application (see step 4.2 in prereqs above)
      3. Log in to the portal as a student user account indicated in the downloaded CSV file.
      4. In the same window, navigate to your Moodle login page
      5. Click on the Clever login button
      6. Confirm that you are able to log in to Moodle with the Clever student account.
      7. Repeat the above steps for the Clever teacher user and confirm that you are able to log in to Moodle with the Clever teacher account.


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