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CLONE - Backup questions from a previous version is restored in the current moodle


      This QA test requires a local server so a previous moodle version can be installed


      1. Setup a Moodle 3.11 site
      2. Log in as an admin
      3. Set up a course and access to the question bank
      4. Add a quiz with at least 3-4 questions, please use different types of questions to get a better feeling of the patch.
      5. Create a quiz
      6. Add the created questions to the quiz
      7. Create a new user
      8. Enrol that user as a student in that course
      9. Attempt the quiz
      10. Backup the course (include user data)
      11. Download and save the file in the local device

      Testing scenario B.1. Migration of questions

      1. Change the codebase to the latest Moodle version
      2. Upgrade the site.
      3. Go to the quiz and check the questions and any attempts made for those questions.
      4. Confirm:
        1. That all the questions are available in the question bank
        2. All the question data including the files added to the questions are available
        3. The preview of the questions is working as expected
        4. All the questions in the quiz are available and preview is working from quiz
        5. The previous attempts are available and they can be viewed as expected
      5. Log out and login as the student
      6. Navigate to the course
      7. Re-attempt the quiz
      8. Confirm:
        1. The quiz is working as expected without any issue or error
      9. Log out and login as an admin
      10. Create some versions of the questions
      11. Change to those versions from the quiz
      12. Logout and login as a student
      13. Start a new attempt of the quiz again (if the previous attempt wasn't finished, you should finish it before starting a new attempt; otherwise, the new question versions won't be updated)
      14. Confirm:
        1. That the newly selected versions in the quiz are considered in this attempt
        2. All the questions are working as expected without any issue
        3. Any image or files are available to access

      Testing scenario B.2. Legacy question data migrates in restore

      1. Standup a fresh Moodle site with the latest version
      2. Restore the Moodle 3.11 course backup on that site
      3. Confirm:
        1. The restored questions are available and working as expected
        2. The restored quiz has all the questions
        3. The restored quiz has all the attempts
        4. All the files are available in the restores questions
        5. Preview of the questions are working as expected

        1. 1.1_setup_311.png
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        3. 1.3_setup_grades.png
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        4. 2.1_upgrade_to_latest.png
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        5. 2.2_upgrade_plugincheck.png
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        6. 2.3_questionbank.png
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        7. 2.4_review_quiz.png
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        8. 2.5_edit_question_version.png
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        9. 2.6_attempt_new_question.png
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        10. 3_restore_bakup311_to_latest.png
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