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CLONE - Smoke test on the new TinyMCE editor


      This test requires admin access to enable the new TinyMCE editor


      • Please test this on both Themes (classic, boost)
      • Please test this with multiple browsers (Chrome, FF, Edge, Safari...)
      • If possible, execute the test in a mobile device.
      • Execute the test with the browser console open so you can see if there are any Javascript errors.
      • Verify it works in different languages, at least one RTL (Hebrew for example)

      TinyMCE is enabled by default.

      1. As admin go to Site administration > Plugins > Text editors > Manage editors.
      2. Ensure that the TinyMCE Editor is enabled by default.
      3. Move it up to the first position to make it the default editor.
      4. Go to your user "Edit profile" page.
      5. Verify the new TinyMCE editor is the default editor now.

      TinyMCE plugins can be disabled/enabled

      1. Go to Site administration > Text editors > TinyMCE editor > General settings
      2. Disable one the plugins eg. Accessibility checker
      3. Go to any page where there's an editor eg. user profile edit page
      4. Ensure the disabled plugin is not available to be used in the editor.
      5. Try enabling and disabling other plugins.
      6. Ensure enabling and disabling works as expected.

      TinyMCE logo can be hidden

      1. Go to Site administration > Plugins > Text editors > TinyMCE editor > General settings
      2. Enable "TinyMCE branding" if not enabled.
      3. Go to your profile page and verify the Tiny logo is displayed on the bottom of the editor.
      4. Go back to the settings page and disable "TinyMCE branding".
      5. In the "Edit profile" page, verify the Tiny logo is not visible any more.

      Smoke test

      1. Perform a smoke test in the editor, trying all features in the editors:
        • Plugins (H5P, Media, Audio and Video recording)
        • Text formatting (Paragraph styles, Bold, Italic)
        • Menu items (Edit, View, Insert...)
        • Links
        • Emoji Picker
        • Equation editor
        • Accessibility checker, Screenreader helper
        • Show more/fewer buttons
      2. Click in one of the options in the menu bar (Edit, View, Insert, Format...), scroll down and up.
      3. Ensure the dropdown menu stays anchored to the button that triggered it.
      4. Verify the justify alignment toolbar and item menu do not exist.
      5. All features should works as expected.

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