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An admin I can add Linkedin as an SSO provider




      The goal of this test is to verify that an admin can enable Linkedin as an SSO provider and that it can be used for users to log in in Moodle.


      1. You'll need a public site
        • You can use the QA site or make your site public using ngrok
      2. You'll need admin access.
        • If you are using the QA site, you can ask for credentials in the QA chat room on Matrix or Telegram
      3. Setup a linkedin following the docs, go to https://www.linkedin.com/developers/ and create a "Moodle dev" app
        • Notice you can't see "Sign in with Linkedin" under products any more
        • Request access / add the product "Sign in with LinkedIn using OpenID Connect" instead
        • Make sure you've set the "Authorized redirect URLs for your app" to: YOURSITE/admin/oauth2callback.php
      4. Now, go to your Moodle site

      Moodle setup and testing

      1. Login as admin
      2. Go to Site admin > Plugins > Authentication and enable the "OAuth2" authentication plugin.
      3. Go to Site admin > Server > OAuth 2 Services and click the "LinkedIn" button.
      4. Enter your Client ID and Client secret (You'll find these on the 'Auth' tab of your LinkedIn dev portal app
      5. Uncheck "Require email verification" (We don't need this for testing)
      6. Check the "I understand that disabling email verification can be a security issue" box to confirm
      7. Save changes and Verify:
        • You see the service has a tick under the "Login" and "Discovery" columns
      8. Logout and go to the site login page.
      9. Verify you see "LinkedIn" listed there as an SSO provider
      10. Click the "LinkedIn" SSO icon/button
      11. Login to LinkedIn if needed
      12. Verify you see an auth request/consent page
      13. Click to continue to link the app
      14. Verify you're logged in to Moodle.
      15. View your user profile
      16. Verify it contains the details of your LinkedIn account.


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