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Multi-Factor Authentication - SMS factor exploratory test


      This is an exploratory test of a new feature or improvement, so please feel free to try anything you like and not just the test steps!


      • This test requires admin access and access to terminal to run CLI commands, as part of the testing will lock out a user from accessing the site.
      • You will need a resource for testing SMS sending in AWS (if you are an HQ team member testing this, feel free to reach out to the Platform team who may be able to help with access to an AWS sandbox for testing).


      IMPORTANT: If you locked yourself out, you can disable the whole MFA plugin from the CLI:

      php admin/cli/cfg.php --component=tool_mfa --name=enabled --set=0

      You can also reset user authentication factors:

      1. As admin go to Plugins > Multi-factor authentication > Reset user authentication factors
      2. Search by one user with authentication factors
      3. Click on button "Reset user factor"


      1. As admin go to Site administration > Plugins > Admin tools > Multi-factor authentication
      2. Enable the "MFA plugin enabled" setting and save changes.
      SMS Sandbox setup
      1. Access to https://signin.aws.amazon.com with your credentials.
      2. From your AWS Console go to Amazon SNS / Mobile / Text messaging(SMS) and enable it.
      3. Include some "Sandbox destination phone numbers"
      4. From Security credentials: create a new Access keys for this and save the "Key", "Secret" and Region for the configuration in Moodle. 

      More information about SMS sandbox can be found 

      Test third party libraries

      1. As admin, go to Site administration > Development > Third party libraries
      2. Verify that the library "AWS SDK for PHP" exist. 
      3. Verify that the library "JMESPath" exist. 

      Test Mobile phone SMS Authentication:

      1. As admin go to Site administration > Admin tools > Multi-factor authentication > SMS Mobile phone
      2. Enable the factor and include the AWS credentials created before ("api_key", "api_secret", "api_region")
      3. Access to your user preferences > "Multi-factor authentication preferences"
      4. Set up "SMS Mobile phone" factor with a test phone number.
      5. Check you have received an SMS in your phone number
      6. Enter the code you received and continue. 
      7. Check you see a success message that the factor has been set up.
      8. Open another browser and access to Moodle with your user 
      9. Enter your username and password, 
      10. Check a new screen will be display where it will ask for the Mobile phone SMS
      11. Check you have received an SMS in your mobile. 
      12. Enter the code in the box and click on "Continue" if it has not already sent automatically.
      13. Check you have been login successfully and you have access to Moodle.

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