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Glossary entries can be set to automatically link to elsewhere in the course where the word or phrase is mentioned


      This test requires the glossary autolinking filter to be enabled by an admin.

      1. Login as a teacher, update the glossary and set 'Automatically link glossary entries' to Yes.
      2. Add an entry, clicking the 'This entry should be automatically linked' checkbox.
      3. Check that the entry is automatically linked whenever the concept words and phrases appear throughout the rest of the course.
      4. Edit the entry and click the Case sensitive matching checkbox.
      5. Check that the entry is only linked when exact upper and lower case matching occurs.
      6. Edit the entry and click the Whole words matching checkbox.
      7. Check that only whole words are linked.
      8. Try adding <nolink> and </nolink> tags around the text where it appears elsewhere in the course.
      9. Check that the entry is no longer linked.

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