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CLONE - A teacher in a course can show one section per page or all sections on one page


      This test requires a course in topics format with three sections.

      Test steps:
      1. As a teacher, add a URL resource to topic 1, a Page resource to topic 2 and a file resource to topic 3. (The resource types are not significant; they are just quick to create for the purpose of adding content)
      2. From Course navigation > Settings, change the course layout to "show one section per page". Click "Save and display"
      3. Verify that on the course page you see all the topic titles with the number of resources and activities at the bottom right of each section, in grey. (See http://docs.moodle.org/en/Course_settings#Course_layout)
      4. Click on the title of topic 2 and verify you only see this topic, but can navigate to other topics from the Course index.
      5. From Course navigation > Settings,  change the topics format to Weekly format. Click "Save and display"
      6. As before, verify that the course page shows the weeks with the number of resources in grey.
      7. Click on the second week and verify you can only see this week, but can navigate  to other weeks from the Course index.
      8. From Course navigation > Settings,  change the course layout to "show all sections per page"
      9. Verify that all three sections are now displayed in their entirety on the course page.

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