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CLONE - Teacher can choose and define rubric grading method


      Test Steps:

      1. Log in as teacher and go to a course
      2. Add a new assignment activity - online text submission.
      3. Set the grading method for the assignment to 'Rubric'
      4. Save and Display the assignment activity.
      5. Select 'Define new grading form from scratch'
      6. Provide a name for the rubric
      7. Modify the default criterion as required
      8. Add a second criterion, and fill it out as required
      9. Change the order of the criterion and Save as draft
      10. Click the Advanced Grading tab, then click 'Edit the current form definition'
      11. Check that the criterion saved in the right order
      12. Add level in a criteria and ensure it get saved.
      13. Click on duplicate icon and ensure new row is created and has the exact same values.
      14. Save as draft and return to editing the rubric
      15. Check that the Rubric options saved correctly

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