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CLONE - Check connection to SMTP mail works


      Important information

      • eMailtest plugin needs to be used as the normal email test (Server  > Outgoing mail configuration) will only shows the payload if there is an error.
      • If you notice some slowness with eMailtest (like the index page takes a lot of time to load), double check the domains that your users are on is a real domain. As the mailtester will check if the DNS name are valid and this takes time.
      • If you get a debug message about invalid no reply address, set a valid email address in noreplyaddress setting


      1. Clone SNMP4dev and change the docker-compose.yml to:

         Port: 1025:25

      2. Start docker container: docker-compose up
      3. Add the following entries to your config.php:

        $CFG->smtphosts = 'localhost:1025';
        $CFG->debugsmtp = true;
        $CFG->debug = 32767;

      4. Go to your instance local/ directory and clone the repository mailtest by running: git clone https://github.com/michael-milette/moodle-local_mailtest mailtest


      1. Log in as admin and finish installing the mailtest plugin.
      2. Visit Site Administration > Server > Outgoing mail configuration and set smtpsecure to None
      3. Now visit Site Administration > Server > Email > eMail Test
      4. Check "Always show log of communications with mail server, even if there are no errors." option if not enabled
      5. Send a test email and look at the debug output.
      6. Verify the TLS being available (even if not used), the debug output should look like this:

                                                 250-SIZE 52428800
                                                 250-AUTH PLAIN LOGIN
                                            -->  250-STARTTLS <--
                                                 250 HELP

            laurent.david@moodle.com Laurent David
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