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CLONE - A user can record audio and video, and insert it into a text area



      • A computer with a microphone and webcam.
      • Admin access to the site.
      • Please test in as many browsers as possible from the following list, and mention in a comment which browsers you have used.
        • Chrome
        • Firefox
        • Opera
        • Safari and Edge will likely display a message 'WebRTC not supported'.

      Testing Atto and TinyMCE editors audio and video recording

      1. Log in as a user
      2. From the user menu, choose "User preferences"
      3. Navigate to Message preferences
      4. Select the editor under test (Atto or TinyMCE)
      5. Save changes
      6. Click the 'Edit profile' link.
      7. In the description field, click the 'Insert audio recording' ('Record audio' on Tiny editor) button.
      8. Click the 'Start recording' button, say a few words, then click the 'Stop recording' button.
      9. Try playing the recording back.
      10. Click the 'Attach recording' button.
      11. Click the 'Update profile' button.
      12. Verify that the audio player is correctly displayed on the user's profile page and that the recording may be played back.
      13. Repeat steps 7 to 11 using video recording rather than audio.
      14. Ensure the audio and video recording works as expected in both editors.

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