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CLONE - In Opera, with Ajax turned on, course controls work as expected in topic format, single page mode.


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      Test Pre-requisites:

      • This test must be performed using the Safari web browser.
      • Enable ajax in Site administration > Appearance > Ajax and Javascript.
      • Any course in Moodle that has the course format set to Topics.
      • Course administration > Course layout is set to "Show all sections in one page".

      Test Steps:
      1. Move a resource between sections, turn editing off and verify that the resource has been moved.
      2. Move a section, turn editing off and verify that the section has been moved.
      3. Set a section as the current topic, turn editing off and verify it has been marked visually.
      4. Edit a section name and verify the section name appears on the main pageGoogle Chrom
      5. Add a section at the bottom of the course page when editing is on and verify the section is added.
      6. Add the section links block and verify that the section links are working correctly.

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