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CLONE - A teacher can set completion conditions to restrict availability of a section


      Test Pre-requisites:
      -> This test requires conditional access and completion tracking to be enabled by an administrator in site and course level. ( Site administration > Advanced features. )
      Test Steps:

      1. Login as a teacher and add a label resources to a course. Set completion tracking to "students can manually mark the activity as completed" for the label.
      2. Create a page resource in a section.
      3. Edit the section with the page resource and set the 'Activity completion condition' to 'must be complete' for the label resource
      4. Select 'Show section greyed-out, with restriction information' for 'Before section can be accessed'.
      5. Login as a student, view the course page and check that the section is shown greyed-out with the condition specified.
      6. Mark the label resources as completed.
      7. check that the section is visible and accessible.

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