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      Two browsers (ie Firefox and Chrome) or two computers are required.

      1. Log in on one machine as a user (user 1). Check that user 1's messaging settings are set so that "Personal messages between users" go to email while not online and to a popup while online.
      2. Log in on the other machine or browser as another user (user 2).
      3. Send a message from user 2 to user 1.
      4. A new message notification should displayed in the bottom right corner of the browser when user 1 loads a page outside of the site administration area. For example a notification should be displayed while viewing a course or activity within a course.
      5. Click "Ignore" and the notification should disappear.
      6. Refresh the page and verify that the notification is not displayed again.
      7. As user 2 send another message.
      8. As user 1 the next page load should display a notification. Click "Go to messages".
      9. Verify that the messages page is displayed with "unread messages" selected in the user group selector drop down list and user 2 is included in the list of unread message senders.
      10. Alter user 1's messaging settings so that they are notified of personal messages by email even when online.
      11. As user 2 send another message to user 1.
      12. Verify that user 1 receives an email notification.

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