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      For this test you'll at least one course with at least 1 grade item and at least 1 student. The student needs to have a grade for the grade item.

      While not necessary it is recommended that you have two browsers (ie Firefox and Chrome) so that you can be logged in as a student and a teacher simultaneously)

      1) As a teacher view the grader report. Check that the grade item(s) and the student's grade(s) are correct. Make a note of the student's grade(s).
      2) As the student go into the course. Under Course administration clicks on Grades. You may need to select the User report from the navigation drop down.
      3) Verify that the student's grade(s) are report correctly.
      4) Select the Overview report. Check that the student's course grade is correct.
      5) As the teacher click on Grades under Course Administration. Select the user report from the navigation drop down.
      6) Verify that the teacher can access any users User report via the second navigation drop down.
      7) Verify that there is an "All users" option in the user selection drop down. This should display all student user reports on a single page.

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