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CLONE - A teacher can manually grade question




      1. Login as a teacher and create two essay questions, one with the response format as plain text and allowing unlimited attachments, and one with the response format as HTML editor and not allowing attachments.
      2. Add the essay questions to a quiz. Also add one automatically graded question to the quiz (e.g. true/false).
      3. Login as a student and attempt the quiz, including uploading at least one file.
      4. Check that only one question allows attachments and only one question has the HTML editor.
      5. Login as the teacher and review the student's first attempt. Ensure there is a 'Make comment or override grade' link by each question.
      6. Click that link by the first essay. And add a grade and a comment in the pop-up window, then click Save. Ensure the review page updates to show this.
      7. Repeat for the second essay. Ensure the grader info is displayed in the pop-up.
      8. Browse to Quiz results > Manual grading in the navigation block. Ensure that is shows the two essays, each with one left to grade, and one already graded.
      9. Click the Also show questions that have been graded automatically link, and ensure that the third question is now also shown, with 2 automatically graded.
      10. Click on of the grade / update grades / grade all links, and make sure that works correctly.
      11. Browse to Quiz results > Grades and check that the graded questions appear correctly.




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