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A teacher can set whether responses, answers and feedback are displayed after attempting a quiz




      This test requires a quiz containing questions with feedback and general feedback.

      1. Login as a teacher, edit the settings for the quiz, add overall feedback and set the following review options: 'Immediately after the attempt' - Responses and general feedback, and 'Later, while the quiz is still open' - all options ticked.
      2. Login as a student and attempt the quiz.
      3. Immediately after completing the quiz attempt, check that you can only view your responses and general feedback.
      4. After 2 minutes, review the quiz and check that you can now view the answers to questions, response-specific feedback, scores and overall feedback.
      5. Login as the teacher, edit the settings for the quiz, remove all 'Immediately after the attempt' and 'Later, while the quiz is still open' review options and tick all 'After the quiz is closed' options.
      6. Set a close date for the quiz in the future.
      7. Login as the student and check that you can no longer review any information about your quiz attempt.




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