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CLONE - User interface, File Manager form elements behave as expected in Safari.


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    • Moodle 2.4
    • Moodle 2.4
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      • This test must be executed in the Safari web browser.
      • Javascript must be enabled in the web browser.
      • Ajax must be enabled in Site administration > Appearance > Ajax and Javascript.
      • Folders and files already exist in the users 'My private files'.

      Test Steps:
      1. Navigate to Navigation > My profile > My private files.
      2. Drag a file over the the file drop area containing folders, but do not release the left mouse button. Verify that whilst the file is hovering over the browser window, the drop area reverts to 'No files attached drag and drop files here to upload them.' and no that no folders are present in that area.
      3. Drop the files and verify that the folder is displayed alongside the files that you just dropped.
      (Note that Safari does not support drag-and-drop of files as at 20120611)
      4. Mouse over all clickable elements elements in the file manager and confirm that the mouse pointer turns into a hand icon.
      5. Click the button to show folders and files as thumbnails and verify that thumbnails are shown.
      6. Click the button to show folders and files as a list and verify that a list of files are shown.
      7. Click the button to show folders and files as a tree and verify that a tree is shown.
      8. Explore the file manager interface freely, click on various items and attempt to break it.

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