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CLONE - With Javascript enable and topic course format, new module selector works as expected in Firefox



    • Functional Test
    • Moodle 2.4
    • Moodle 2.4
    • Course
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      Test Pre-requisites:

      • This test must be executed in the Firefox web browser.
      • JavaScript must be enabled in the web browser.
      • Ajax must be enabled in Site administration > Appearance > Ajax and JavaScript.
      • Create topic course format
      • Enable module chooser dialogue

      Test Steps:

      1. Verify that you can see an 'add a new resource/activites' link on all sections
      2. Verify that when clicked a popup window appears displaying a list of activites/resources
      3. Verify that you can navigate up and down the list of modules using the keyboard
      4. Verify that you can close the popup by clicking the x, cancel or pressing escape
      5. Verify that you can select each of resource/activites and see help associated with that module
      6. Verify that when you select a module that the associated help text is associated with it
      7. Verify that there is a link to moodle docs with at the end of the help text and that opens in a new window
      8. Verify that when next is clicked that you are taken to the resource/activity
      9. Verify that you can double click an activity and are taken to the add/resource




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