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A teacher can add and allocate a course badge


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      Note: This test requires a course with an editing teacher and at least two students enrolled. Badges must have been enabled in Settings>Site administration>Advanced features and course badges enabled in Settings>Site administration>Badges>Badges settings.

      1. As a teacher, log into a course and visit Settings>Course administration>Badges>Add a new badge.
      2.Complete the details, uploading an image for the badge.
      3.Click "Create badge"
      4.For badge criteria, select "manual issue by role" and then "teacher"
      5.Click the button "Enable access" and then "Continue".
      6.Click the "Participants" tab and then "Award badge".
      7.Select a course member from the right hand screen and add to the left to award the badge.
      8.Return to the main course page and revisit Settings>Course administration>Badges>Manage badges.
      9. Click the icon to award the badge and repeat step 7 with a different user.

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