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An administrator can back up and restore key modules, including their data


      This fairly long test covers back up and restore with user data of certain key modules. (It might be useful to create a more detailed test for some of these modules, or create a second test that covers the relatively 'obscure' modules not included here.)

      1. As administrator, create a new course and enrol at least one student.
      2. Create a forum on the course in week 0.
      3. Create a wiki on the course in the first week.
      4. Create a quiz on the course in the second week. Add at least one question to the quiz.
      5. Create a web page resource on the course in the third week.
      6. Create a web link on the course (to google.com say) also in the third week.
      7. Create a file resource on the course also in the third week.


      8. Log in as the student.
      9. Visit the forum and add at least one discussion. In the discussion, add at least one reply.
      10. Visit the wiki and create at least two pages (start page plus one other page). (Note: To create another wiki page, make a link to [[Page name]] and follow it.)
      11. Visit the quiz and attempt the quiz. Complete and submit your attempt.


      12. Log in as the administrator.
      13. Back up the course, including all activities and user data. Go through the backup process and verify that there are no errors.


      14. Restore the backup. Select to restore to a new course. Go through the restore process and verify that there are no errors.


      15. Verify that the new course contains all the created modules in the correct places.
      16. Verify that the static resources (web page, web link, and file) all contain the same content that they had on the original course.
      17. Verify that the forum contains the expected content.
      18. Verify that the wiki contains the expected content.
      19. Verify that the quiz contains the expected submission. Click on the submission and check that it correctly shows the answer that was chosen when logged in as a student (same as when doing this on original course).

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