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CLONE - A student can choose from a number of portfolios to export data to


      This test requires the following:

      • Portfolios and the Box.net, Flickr and Picasa portfolio plugins enabled for the site
      • A forum activity containing a post by a student with an image attached
      • Box.net, Flickr and Picasa accounts for use in testing

      1. Login as the student and access the forum post.
      2. Try exporting the post, selecting Box.net as the portfolio.
      3. Check that both the post and attachment are exported correctly to Box.net.
      4. Try exporting the attachment, selecting Flickr as the portfolio.
      5. Check that the image is exported correctly to Flickr.
      6. Try exporting the attachment again, selecting Picasa as the portfolio.
      7. Check that the image is exported correctly to Picasa.

            fred Frédéric Massart
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