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CLONE - A user can navigate the site via the navigation block




      1. Login as a student, go to My home and follow the link to one of the activities listed.
      2. Check that the nodes in the navigation block are correctly expanded and the navigation trail shows My home > Current course > Features Demo > Course section > Activity.
      3. Expand nodes in the navigation block and navigate to My courses > Features Demo > Participants > Student name.
      4. Check that View profile, Forum posts, Blogs are shown.
      5. Expand Forum posts and click on Posts.
      6. Check that any posts in the course are displayed and that the navigation trail matches the expanded nodes in the navigation block.
      7. Login as a teacher, expand nodes in the navigation block and navigate to the participants page in a course.
      8. Check that Course blogs, Notes, Teacher name are shown.
      9. Login as a manager, expand nodes in the navigation block and navigate to Site pages > Tags.
      10. Check that the Participants, Site blogs, Site badges, Notes, Tags, Calendar and Site news are shown in the navigation block under Site pages.


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