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CLONE - Creating a marking guide from a template


      Test Pre-requisites:

      • assignments created should be of the new assignment module type
      • maximum grading values should be a numeric value greater than 0
      • testing should be performed as a teacher user
      • at least two marking guides must have been created - one set as ready for marking, and one saved as a draft

      Test Steps:

      1. Add a new assignment activity.
      2. Set the grading method for the assignment to 'Marking Guide'
      3. Save and Display the assignment activity.
      4. Select 'Create new grading form from a template'
      5. Select 'include own' and click search (do not enter a search string)
      6. Check that you can see all the marking guides you have set as being ready
      7. Select one of the marking guides
      8. Check that all the details are as they were when saved the original guide
      9. Make some changes to the marking guide, criterion, and frequently used comments and Save as draft
      10. Click the Advanced Grading Link under Settings > Assignment administration, then click 'Edit the current form definition'
      11. Check that the marking guide saved correctly

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