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CLONE - A teacher can add an image or other file to a course summary


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      1.As a teacher in a course, click Settings>Course administration>Edit settings.
      2. Add some text to the course summary and add an image file (.jpg/.gif/png) to the course overview box.
      3. Save the course settings and log out.
      4. Verify the image file displays.
      5. As admin, visit Settings>Site administration>Appearance>Courses and add an other file type (such as .pdf) to the course overview file extensions field.
      6. As a teacher, return to Settings>Course administration>Edit settings.
      7. Remove the image and add a file of the type you specified.
      8. Log out and verify the image has gone and the new file is available for download underneath the course summary text.
      9. As admin, return to Settings>Site administration>Appearance>Courses and change the course overview files limit to 0.
      10. Log out and verify you no longer see the file you added in step 7.
      11. Log in as the teacher; return to Settings>Course administration>Edit settings and verify you no longer see the course overview box for adding images and other files.

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