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CLONE - A teacher can add questions to a quiz




      A quiz with Question order set to: "As shown on the edit screen" and "New page" set to "Never, all questions on one page".

      Test Steps:
      1. Navigate to the quiz and select the [Show] link adjacent to "Question bank contents". Check that the question bank is shown.
      2. Create a question of each type.
      3. Add a question to a page by selecting the << icon.
      4. Select the << icon again and check that the question cannot be added twice.
      5. Click the select all checkbox to select all available questions and click the "< Add to quiz button". Check that only the questions that weren't already in the quiz were not added.
      6. Select 2 questions, then click "Add new pages after selected questions". Check that two new pages have been added.
      7. Preview the quiz. Ensure that he quiz is displayed correctly.
      8. Login as a student and attempt the quiz.
      9. Login as teacher, edit the quiz. Verify that most of the editing controls on the Edit quiz page are now disabled because the quiz has been attempted and there is a message at the top explaining this.




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