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CLONE - In a database activity File Picker can be used to upload a file into a file field.




      Test Pre-requisites:

      • A Database activity with a file field and a picture field.

      Test Steps:

      1. Login as a teacher, navigate to the Database activity, Click the Fields tab and update the file field.
      2. Set the maximum size to "Course upload limit".
      3. Login as a Student and navigate to the Database activity. Select the Add an entry tab.
      4. Click 'Add...' on the File field and verify that File picker is displayed.
      5. Select 'Upload a file', choose a file to upload and upload it.
      6. Click 'Save and view' and verify that the files have been uploaded.
      7. Download the file to verify that the file link has been created properly.
      8. Login as a Teacher and download the file, then verify that the file is correct.
      9. Navigate to the Database activity.
      10. Click the fields tab and follow steps 2 and 3, but set the Maximum size to something lower than the course upload limit.
      11. Follow steps 3 onwards with the new setting.




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