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CLONE - An administrator can define a 'global' glossary


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    • Moodle 2.8
    • Moodle 2.8
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      This test requires the glossary autolinking filter to be enabled by an admin.

      1. Login as an admin, update the glossary and tick the global glossary checkbox.
      2. Check that an entry is automatically linked whenever the concept words and phrases appear throughout the rest of the site.

      Areas to check (comment on other areas if you find some!):

      • front page context
      • course category description context
      • course context (label)
      • Course summary page
      • block context (HTML block)
      • resource page context (Content)
      • activity context "assignment" - description
      • resource context "folder" - description
      • resource context "URL" - description
      • Database activity - description (check list view & add view)
      • Wiki page view
      • Quiz
      • Survey
      • Workshop
      • forum message
      • choice description

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