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CLONE - Progress through a SCORM activity is tracked


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    • Moodle 2.8
    • Moodle 2.8
    • SCORM, Student
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      1. Add the attached SCORM package to a course using the settings

      • Display package: new window
      • width: 100
      • height: 100
      • Display course structure in player: "To the side"
      • Show Navigation: Floating

      2. Log in as a student and access the SCORM.
      3. Use the navigation buttons to progress through the SCORM a couple of pages.
      4. Take note of the current position in the SCORM (remember the title of the current page) then exit the SCORM by closing the pop-up window.
      5. Enter the SCORM again and you will see the message "Would you like to resume from where you previously left off?" - press "OK".
      Check to make sure you have been returned to the same page you previously left.

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