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CLONE - A teacher can override grades


      For this test, while not necessary, it is helpful to have two browsers (ie Firefox and IE) or two computers so you can use Moodle as two separate users. One teacher and one student.

      Required: a course containing two or more grade items with at least one grade item containing a mark for at least one student. You'll need enough marks to get a course total for the student. The marks must be from modules and cannot be overridden grades.

      The teacher should enable "Show quick feedback" and AJAX for the grader report in Grade administration > My report preferences > Grader report.

      The teacher should also edit their profile and set "Text editor" to "Plain text area".

      1. As the teacher view the grader report. Select a grade item to use for testing. Your student must have a grade (not an overridden grade). For example a completed quiz, submitted assignment or a grade based on ratings of forum posts or glossary entries.
      2. As the student view the user report. Make a note of the grade for the selected grade item and the course total.
      3. As the teacher viewing the grader report hover the mouse over the student's mark for the selected grade item. The mouse cursor should change, probably to a hand, indicating the grade is clickable. Also, a small box should be displayed containing the student's name and the name of the grade item.
      4. Click the student's grade. The grade should be replaced by two text boxes.
      5. Type a new grade in the left textbox, a comment into the right hand text box and press enter on the keyboard. The textboxes should disappear.
      6. Verify that the new grade is displayed and that the background color of that cell has changed indicating the grade has been overridden.
      7. Hover the mouse over the grade again. This time the box displayed should also include the teacher comment.
      8. As the student reload the user report. Verify that the overridden grade is displayed, that the teacher's comment appears in the feedback column and that the course total has changed to include the overridden grade.
      9. As the teacher view the grader report and click "Turn editing on". Click the edit icon (usually a hand holding a pencil) in the cell containing the overridden grade.
      10. On the edit grade screen uncheck overridden, remove the comment that was entered when overriding the grade in previous steps, and click save.
      11. You should be returned to the grader report. Verify that the grade has reverted to its original value from step 2 and the cell's background color has also returned to its previous color.
      12. As the student reload the user report and verify that it is also displaying the grade item and course totals from step 2.

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