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CLONE - A user can receive message notifications via popup, email or jabber


      This test requires a jabber server to be configured for the site. An email and a jabber account which can be checked are also required.

      1. Login as student1 and go to Settings > My profile settings > Messaging and select jabber, email and popup for both online and offline for Assignment notifications, personal messages and subscribed forum posts. If the jabber column is not displayed enter your Jabber ID and click update profile.
      2. Subscribe to a forum.
      3. Submit an assignment.
      4. Login as student2 and send a message to student1.
      5. Post in the forum which student1 is subscribed to. Make the subject of the forum post very long i.e. more than 100 characters and include some UTF8 characters e.g. accents, €.
      6. Login as a teacher and grade student1's submitted assignment.

      For the student to receive notification, you need to first wait for the maximum editing time (usually 30 minutes but set to 5 minutes on http://qa.moodle.net/) to expire and then run the cron. (The wait is so that the teacher can edit the feedback without a notification being sent, similar to forum post editing and forum notifications.)

      7. Run the cron by browsing to yourmoodlesite.org/admin/cron.php e.g. http://qa.moodle.net/admin/cron.php.
      8. Check student1's email for the assignment, forum and personal message notifications. Make sure that the forum post notification email includes the forum post subject in full (including UTF8 characters).
      9. Check that student1 received the assignment, forum and personal message notifications via jabber.
      10.Login as student1 and check that they receive a popup stating that they have 3 new messages.

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