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CLONE - When time expires before the close date, the quiz will be submitted automatically when the quiz cron runs.


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    • Moodle 2.8
    • Moodle 2.8
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      Test Pre-requisites:

      1. A quiz where the teacher has set a time limit, a close date and When time expires is set to "There is a grace period when open attempts can be submitted but no more questions answered"
      2. Last submission grace period (graceperiodmin) set to 10

      Test Steps:
      1. As student, start a quiz attempt and answer some questions but not all, then log out of Moodle.
      2. Wait until time limit + last submission grace period has expired and Before the close date has passed. CRON has not been run yet.
      3. CRON runs!
      4. Log in as teacher, and you should be able to see that the attempt has been updated to finished and no longer "In-progress".
      5. Log in as student, and you should see that the attempt has been submitted.

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