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CLONE - A teacher can add multiple questions to a quiz and re-paginate a quiz


      A quiz with Question order set to: "As shown on the edit screen" and "New page" set to "Never, all questions on one page".

      Test Steps:
      1. Navigate to the quiz and click 'Add' and +'a new question'
      2. Create 6 questions of different types, clicking 'Add' and then '+ a new question' each time
      3. Click the page break icon between question 1 and question 2 and add a page break. Verify that question 1 is on page 1 and the other 5 questions are on page 2.
      4. Click the "Repaginate..." button, then in the Repaginate popup dialog select 1 from the dropdown and click "Go".
      5.Verify that the Questions are now 1 per page.
      6. Preview the quiz and verify that the questions are indeed 1 per page.
      7. Login as a student and attempt the quiz verifying that the questions are 1 per page.

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