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CLONE - A teacher can efficiently reorder a large quiz


      A quiz with Question order set to: "As shown on the edit screen" and "New page" set to "Never, all questions on one page".

      Test Steps:
      1. Navigate to the Edit quiz screen and click "Add>a new question" Check that the quiz questions are displayed.
      2. Create a question of each type and add them all to the quiz.
      3. Click the "Repaginate" button and select "Repaginate with one question per page" and click "Go"
      4. Verify that your questions are on different pages
      5. Drag and drop questions into different pages using the move icon.
      6. Click the X next to two questions and verify they are removed..
      7. Preview the quiz and verify that the questions are displayed as you have set them.
      8. Login as a student and attempt the quiz. Verify that the questions are displayed in the correct place.

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