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CLONE - Smartphone users can use the Moodle Mobile app to download files


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      This test requires the use of a smartphone.

      1) Log in as an admin and go to Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Web Services > External services
      2) Check Enable mobile web service and Save
      3) On your smartphone download last version of the Moodle Mobile app. In the content section of the app check that you can download a folder resource (of course the course must have a folder resource with at least a file in it)
      4) In 'Admin Block > Plugins > Web Services > External services' and click the 'Edit' link for 'Moodle mobile web service'
      5) Click 'Show advanced' and uncheck 'Can download files'. Click 'Saves changes'.
      6) In the mobile app, try to download a folder from a different course that you didn't previously visit in the app. The app should send you an error message.

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